The Coast Spas' Advantages

Coast Spas constant innovation and advancement is motivated by knowing that we offer a quality product providing unique features and unrivalled hydrotherapy capability, perfect for all to enjoy whether it is for health benefits, bringing family and friends together or for pure relaxation.

As you search for the Hot Tub that is perfect for you, we invite you to compare our Hot Tubs to other brands and see for yourself what separates a Coast Spas Hot Tub from the rest.


Coast Spas has been a leader in hot tub innovation since our inception. In fact, the Coast Spas® Brand began due to the lack of innovation in the hot tub industry. Our founders knew that hot tubs had so much more to offer than the bare-bones models that existed before. Coast Spas was born to change the face of the industry, and we have done just that.

Coast Spas holds numerous patents and pending patents in North America, including Spa Motor Cooling Method and Apparatus; Method and Apparatus for Circulating Water in a Spa and Negative, Infinity or Vanishing Edge for Spas and or hot tubs.


A hot tub needs to be ready for use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be outside in the blistering sun, pelted by rain and hail or covered with snow in a freezing blizzard. We build our spas to endure the most extreme conditions, and we build them to do it flawlessly for years.

We don’t build our own motors and we don’t produce the plumbing or hydrotherapy jets that you will find in our spas. But we do work closely with the finest supply partners and require that their standards meet our high expectations, ensuring a Coast Spa is built with only the highest quality components available.

We are one of the first manufacturers to be recognized for our high quality standards with ISO 9001:2008 certification. We fill and run every spa built and then perform a series of diagnostic and endurance tests. The workmanship, equipment and construction of the spa is then closely evaluated. Once approved, the spa is detailed, hand polished and padded for shipping. A complete final inspection is required before our spas leave on the journey to their new homes.

Trust in a Brand that is Quality Certified ISO 9001:2008 certification is the highest internationally recognized quality standard for manufacturing. Extensively reviewed yearly by independent audits, Coast Spas is proud to have maintained ISO certification since 2003.


Recognized for Quality Around the Globe

Coast Spas Quality Accreditations