Spa Benefits


healthA massaging hot tub reduces stress, stimulates blood circulation, lowers muscle tension and soreness, gives temporary relief from arthritis and accelerates healing of muscle-related injuries. Did we mention fun? Fun is good.


MassageHigh-pressure water on tired muscles provides a soothing and stimulating effect similar to that of an expensive massage therapy session. In fact, a home spa gives you instant, permanent access to the same beneficial effects of hot water enjoyed through the ages by the ancient Turks and Romans (or anyone who happens to live near natural hot springs). A hot tub’s hydro massage jets target pain precisely. Jets in the footwell, for example, alleviate pain in your ankles and feet, while swirling jets installed in the back of a hot tub’s lounge seat ease tension in the back and neck. Morning stiffness? A relaxing soak is a great way to start the day. More pain at night? Have a soak before bedtime.

Improved Sleep

Humans are supposed to sleep nine or 10 hours a day. A relaxing daily spa session can help you get the greatest benefits from the sleep you DO have time for.

Social Life

SocialHaving friends over for a hot tub is a lot easier than cooking them dinner. You’ll find your Coast tub could quickly become a social hub for family, friends and Significant Others. And you can always order pizza.

Family Ties

FamilyWant to learn all about Jenny’s school play? Or Jack’s soccer? A hot tub is the perfect place to reconnect with your loved ones. It’s like taking a vacation in your own back yard — every day.

Arthritis Relief

arthritisMany doctors strongly recommend hydrotherapy — soaking in warm water — as part of a comprehensive treatment of chronic arthritis pain (which may also include physiotherapy, hypnosis and medication). Just 10 to 15 minutes per day in water temperatures between 36 and 40°C (98 to 104°F) can significantly improve your body’s coordination and flexibility. A hot tub is also an excellent place to exercise sore arms and legs, because unlike exercising on land, which forces your muscles and joints to fight against gravity, exercising in the near-weightlessness of a hot tub requires minimal energy and strength. Finally, the warm aquatic environment facilitates blood flow to your extremities and makes it easier for your heart to pump. How do we know all this? Our President and CEO, Don Elkington, serves on the Board of Directors for the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada.


InvestmentA Coast hot tub will look great in your back yard, especially with a choice of cabinets and shell colors custom-tailored to its surroundings. And like a good kitchen or bathroom reno, an attractive, top-quality spa can add esthetic and monetary value to your property.