Coast's ergonomically-placed jetting systems provide maximum therapeutic benefit by targeting different muscle groups with different types of water action. Talk to your spa professional about your needs to make sure you get the number, power, quality and action that work best for you and your family.


JetsWorking together with experts from the Arthritis Research Centre, Coast Spas has developed the most therapeutic, user-friendly jets in the industry. The exclusive Trillium® Series Jets feature a triangulated handle so that even mobility-impaired users, can adjust water flow and pressure with ease. So, say goodbye to slippery underwater jets and say hello to personal control, no matter your hand size or strength. We strategically position specific jets around the tub so each seat will deliver a different experience. We know that not everyone is the same size. Ladies do have longer legs and men do have longer torsos. This is aside from the variety of sizes between every family.

For instance Coast’s magnificent Tornado Jet offers you a powerful, vertically-mounted jet in the foot well. The Poly Storm Massage Jet provides high-volume performance that targets key trigger points in legs, calves and feet.

Poly Storm Directional Jets propel an extravagant swirl of rejuvenating bubbles, it can transform from a single directional massage to a rotating pattern, creating a luxurious and dual-massage action.

Unwind with the luxurious spinning action of the Power Storm Roto Jet. Covering a large spectrum, it provides premium hydromassage of the key muscles.

The wide Adjustable Whirlpool Jet is adjustable and directional; they create a high intensity, steady flow of water providing relief and comfort.

Poly Storm Massage Jets provide a gentle pulsating massage that can be adjusted in strength to suit your needs.

Our Fibre Optic Power Storm Massage creates a dramatic impact. With maximum waterflow combined with high-output LED lighting it creates unique, champagne like effect as the multi-hue light is carried by the bubbles to the water’s surface.

Our Pulsar Jet delivers a vigorous massage without moving parts the distinct spiral action produces a surging stream of air and water that provides intensive hydrotherapy. These Pulsar Jets are strategically positioned to deliver a bold massage.