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Wrap around body massage

Wrap around body massage

Ergonomically designed seating and specific jet placement will leave you relaxed, refreshed and revitalised while you indulge and immerse your whole body in stimulating, pulsating hydrotherapy. Large rotating jets in
You’ll find our wrap around massage seats engineered to scientifically balance ergonomic support, water pressure, jet position and body buoyancy. Deeply contoured seating provides ultimate comfort, while armrests and footwells seem to mould to your body.

A neck therapy jet massage system wraps around your neck, gently cradling your head while adjustable cyclone jets massage neck and shoulder muscles. It’s similar to having your neck massaged by a professional masseuse.

An effective combination of jets provide soothing stimulation for incredible body relaxation on your back muscles relieving aches and tension on either side of the spine. Aching lower back pain is something most of us will experience. Back pain is linked to excess tension in muscular trigger points in the lower back.

The swirling motion provides an invigorating massage to the lower back to loosen your knots of tension and bring relaxing relief. Lower jets massages the backs of your legs with deep tissue massage jets, increasing circulation and healing properties. Sore and tired feet can affect how we feel all over. The ingenious foot relief station targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water that provide a “spa for your feet”.