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It’s all about the bubbles. The MicroSilk® microbubbles contains up to 70% more oxygen than regular water and is 50 to 100 times smaller than a typical hot tub bubble The microbubbles are so small that they are able to enter the skin’s pores, removing impurities and offering so many spectacular benefits to your skin. Because the Microsilk® microbubble is able to penetrate the pores of your skin carrying oxygen, your skin is naturally cleansed and your metabolism is improved. The microbubbles will exfoliate and hydrate by lightly caressing your skin.
The Microsilk® microbubbles thus penetrate the outer layer of your skin, and with their increased level of oxygen helps purge your skin of waste particles and strengthen collagen fibres. This means that not only is your natural collagen strengthened and preserved, but your skin will be more resistant to the adverse effects of aging. The natural collagen which is produced by Microsilk® helps plump the skin and remove wrinkles, making your skin look younger and healthier.
Another benefit of the MicroSilk® microbubble as it penetrates the skin is that it has the necessary oxygen activating the natural healing process which helps reduce the appearance of scars and minor surface blemishes.
As the tiny MicroSilk® bubbles remain suspended in the water they collapse keeping heat under the spa water and around the body. The typical hot tub bubble floats to the top and accelerates the release of heat back into the atmosphere. This containment of heat by the suspended Microsilk® microbubble in the water provides the user with consistent warmth across the body and enhances the sauna effect, thus more effectively drawing in moisture, improving circulation, opening pores to release toxins, and increasing cardiovascular activity. As the MicroSilk® microbubbles dissolve anions are released at the surface of the water.
When anions are released at concentrations above 50,000 ions/cc they are shown to have therapeutic effects of improving serotonin levels.
The anions at the surface of a MicroSilk® spa are released at concentrations in excess of 80,000 ions/cc, resulting in therapeutic effects such as neutralizing free radicals, improved over-all feelings of wellbeing, calm and deeper sleep.
Through the science of Microsilk® and the microbubbles you can now renew your appearance, revitalize and hydrate your body and re-energize your life. All this will leave you looking younger, feeling good and being happy.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x1AaiEWrRiw