Frenquently Asked Questions

> Hot tub or spa?
> What are the health benefits?
> Is plumbing required to install my hot tub?
> Are spas expensive to operate?
> What type of hot tub should I look for?
> What kind of filtration is best?
> How important is horsepower?
> How many jets should I have?
> How much should I spend on a spa?
> Do I need a contractor, plumber or electrician to install my spa?
> Is it difficult to maintain a spa?
> Do most spas come with a warranty?

Hot tub or spa?

The terms ‘spa’ and ‘hot tub’ have been used synonymously in the business since the early years of the industry. Originally they meant two different things; ‘spa’ was used to describe a therapeutic bath built out of acrylic or some other thermoplastic, while ‘hot tub’ meant a circular bath, or tub, usually wood. Wooden hot tubs were popular as recently as the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, but were soon eclipsed by the rapid advances of portable acrylic spas. Still, the term ‘hot tub’ stuck.

What are the health benefits?

At Coast Spas, we believe the number one health benefit of owning a spa is improvement in your quality of life. Owners experience a new and unique opportunity to get together with family and friends in a fun and sociable environment while reducing the stresses inherent in today’s busy lifestyles. Abundant documented evidence further shows that the regular use of a hot tub can help to reduce and control the symptoms associated with arthritis, sleep disorders and Type 2 Diabetes.

Is plumbing required to install my hot tub?

No. All spas are self-contained units and are simply filled with a garden hose. Some pool contractors install spas in-ground, but these are usually plumbed directly into a swimming pool equipment area.

Are spas expensive to operate?

Depending on your usage, an average spa costs less than $1 per day to run, even in the coldest climates. Chances are that’s less than you’re paying for cable TV. Ways to significantly reduce even that modest expense include an insulated locking cover with UL rating, fully foamed cabinets and computer controls with ‘smart winter mode’ features (needless to say, we have all of these)! Additionally, because of their variable force design, our pumps draw as little as one amp during the filtration cycle for reduced energy consumption.

What type of hot tub should I look for?

That will depend on the size of your family, your available yard space, your required depth of seating, the options and features you seek and your budget. With two full model lines (Coast and NorthWind™), there are dozens of potential configurations. With many exclusive features and an unsurpassed warranty, we make a hot tub for every lifestyle and budget.

What kind of filtration is best?

Filters in a skimmer, as the name says, only skim the top of the water, leaving the heavier debris to sink to the bottom unfiltered. Coast’s Cyclonic Filtration System™ incorporates angled blades to drive water into a filter canister in a cyclonic action, moving more water through the filter with less restriction and allowing the motor to work more efficiently and run cooler. Our Cyclonic Filtration System further uses the powerful main pumps as low-speed circulation pumps to reduce the number of components and wear-and-tear, helping to make our system one of the most energy efficient in the spa industry. Coast/NorthWind filters range from 50 square feet up to an industry-leading 175 square feet. Significantly improving water quality is our Corona Discharge Ozonation System, which extracts ozone from the air and injects it into the water.

How important is horsepower?

Very important, in our opinion. We think high-output spas are the best because you can reduce their flow when required. But don’t get confused by numbers; the real test is flow rating — determined by the amount of water pumped each minute. Turn every jet on and feel for yourself. Without a large powerful motor, you may be required to purchase multiple pumps or reduce the number of jets in your spa. Ask to see a manufacturer's flow chart rating. A simple visual test is viewing the size of the pipes leading into and out of the pump. The larger the pipe size, the higher the flow. Check the amperage rating, too, which is clearly printed on the pump. Higher amperage = higher power.

How many jets should I have?

The number of jets is important, as is their size and placement. All Coast Spas have ergonomically placed jetting systems to help give you the maximum therapeutic benefit. Our jets are designed to target different muscle groups with different amounts of water action. Talk to your spa professional about your individual needs to make sure you get the number, power, quality and action in your jets that will work best for you and your family.

How much should I spend on a spa?

The price of a hot tub is determined by workmanship, materials, size and features. Other options, like lighting packages, stereos, TV and DVD players, will increase the overall price. Generally speaking, it is much easier and more cost effective to make sure you get all the options and features you want at the time of purchase.

Do I need a contractor, plumber or electrician to install my spa?

Coast Spas recommends a licensed electrician to power up your spa. Our tubs are completely self-contained — just fill with a garden hose. You also need a strong, level foundation to provide a level water surface and years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Is it difficult to maintain a spa?

No, but as with any major investment, like your car, some time and attention are required. Proper water chemistry and regular filter cleanings/changing are important, as is an annual check-up. Spend time with your dealer when you buy to make sure you understand the basic requirements. He or she will be happy to help — and it’s usually pretty easy to recruit family members!

Do most spas come with a warranty?

There is no "standard" warranty in the spa industry, so have a close look at what each manufacturer offers. Coast Spas has one of the most thorough and extensive warranties in our industry. This website includes all Coast and NorthWind warranties as well as our owner’s manual to give you a clear picture of the support we offer you — and the peace of mind of knowing we stand behind every spa we make.